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Hello! I'm Ashley.

I'm also an extroverted, quirky minded, Jesus enthused, budding world changer; a recovering people pleaser; and a self-proclaimed dyslexic... Stay tuned for grammatical bloopers!

I'm passionate about loving Jesus and partnering with my husband in bringing LOVE to the world.  I seek to do this through promoting truth-seeking expeditions, advocating gender equality and educating the Church and sociaty on abuse.

Our Wedding Video

Our Wedding Video

I have been recently spliced by marriage to a hot stuff southern boy who has a heart bigger than the sky.  Will is my greatest supporter, a strong empowerer, the finest of lovers and my hero all wrapped into one.

One year ago today, March 11th 2014, we met for the very first time.  We dated for four months, we were engaged for four months and have now been married for four months.

This has been a completely unexpected, crazy-amazing year full of surprises and I have a feeling the best is yet to come.

Below is a video of the happiest day of my life:

Video by Courtney Alyson.

-Ashley Easter 

We Are In Charge.

We Are In Charge.

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